Cam shaft for internal combustion engine, has dog mounted in shaft, which is held in recess of dog, where recess is limited by circular arc-shaped saddle surface that contacts shaft



The cam shaft (11) has a dog (23) mounted in a shaft (44), which is held in a recess of the dog. The recess is limited by a circular arc-shaped saddle surface that contacts the shaft, where the saddle surface extends over a circumference of the shaft. The dog exhibits a core area (42) and two arms that limit the recess. An edge surface (26) of the dog is turned away from the shaft and exhibits a radius that is continuously reduced from maximum in the core area to a free end of the arms. An independent claim is also included for a cylinder comprising a combustion chamber.
Eine Nockenwelle (11) für einen Verbrennungsmotor umfasst einen Schaft (44) und wenigstens einen Nocken (23), der an dem Schaft (44) befestigt ist, wobei der Schaft (44) in einer randoffenen Aussparung des Nockens (23) gehalten ist.




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