Process for producing hydrophilic polymer film



This invention provides a polarizing plate, which can suppress a humidity-derived variation in color as observed from a direction oblique to a VA-mode liquid crystal display device, and a liquid crystal display device and a process for producing a hydrophilic polymer film. The polarizing plate comprises, as a polarizing plate protective film, a hydrophilic polymer film having an in-plane orientation property. The polarizing plate is characterized in that the polarizing plate per se has a transmittance of not less than 40% at 590 nm in an environment of 23 C and 55%RH, the crossed Nicol transmittance T2 under conditions of 23 C and 55%RH is not more than 0.03%, and the change in transmittance Delta T2 upon a change at 23 C in relative humidity from 20%RH to 80%RH satisfies a relationship represented by formula 0.05 x T2 < Delta T2 < 0.9 x T2.




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